About me


I am a transdisciplinary artist and urbanist whose mode of work unfolds along the threshold of experimental performance installation, choreography and media arts and audio-visual research. Intersecting spatial practice, visual culture and environmental humanities, often concerned with creating transdisciplinary collaborative alliances across feminism, ecologies and spatial realms.

Exploring the aesthetics and implications of climate change impacts on the far north and on urban life.                                                                                            Since 2010 I have been working on themes of climate change impacts in the far north and on planetary systems – with a focus on the Hydrosphere and Cryosphere. Further, I am engaged in long term critical spatial research concerned with extraction capitalism, green colonialism and ecological impacts in the Arctic and Subarctic and how these potential disruptions translate into notions concerning activism, material flows, infrastructure and design challenges in a changing climate.                                                                                                Since 2018 I am furthering this interest by engaging with indigenous knowledges and perception of place and seasons, most notably influenced by the Sami.

My working methods are influenced by urbanism and urban design, continuously reflecting on how the climate emergency influences aesthetic, political, economic and social dimensions, while exploring our relationship to the planet and its systems through the lens of urbanism, design and a transdisciplinary arts practice.

This approach has led to choreographic productions that investigate extreme emotional states perceived and developed living in cities and as a result of climate change – Solastagia.

In 2020 I co-founded Embrace Platform with the photographer Karolina Sobel, a mobile arts and culture platform supporting gender equality, LGBTQIA+ and women’s rights and the normalization of non-binary identities across Europe.


Between 2016 and 2022 I have been working as creative producer, sound assistant and dramaturge with choreographer Charles Washington / Pinkmetalpetal Productions in Dresden, with coproductions at the Projekttheater Dresden e.v. and the European Centre for the Arts Hellerau.


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